Our story

The Wyatt family was born and bred in the South Island. From the early days dairy farming in Hari Hari on the West Coast, we learned that hard work reaped rewards and that hard work is sustained by fuel and a committed team.

We turned from dairy farming to tea in the 1960s, when we bought the Wilcock’s Tea company. Coffee was a side interest for us but soon became a focus and Lance Wyatt built his own coffee roasting machine in 1983. Lance’s freshly roasted, espresso coffee was a breath of fresh air to New Zealand and we were front and centre when the coffee revolution took hold in the 1990s.

Aaron Wyatt grew up in the industry, working for dad Lance in the school holidays and quickly joined the family business. By the 1990s, Aaron was a key part of the Kiwi coffee scene and in 2016 he realised a dream to create coffee specifically for South Islanders. Made by fifth generation Mainlanders and crafted with pride, MacKenzie Coffee is proud to fuel the south.

Made for Southerners

If you’re going to spend your day driving 1,000 sheep across a mountain and over vast plains, then pass them off as your own in return for a handsome profit, you’ll want a strong coffee to start your day off right. Your day may not involve rustling sheep but there’ll be challenges, scheming and happenings ahead, so choose the coffee that was made for here. James MacKenzie took sheep, now we’ve taken his name and given it to our delicious coffee that fuels the South Island.

Our people

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